This site is an initiative for the benefit of South Australian pigeon owners and flyers. You may list pigeons that you wish to sell (or any pigeon paraphenalia) that you think may raise some cash to offset your pigeon flying costs. There is no cost to listing. All transactions are between the buyer and seller exclusively.  All you need to do is send a picture (jpg), a pedigree (pdf), price and a contact phone number. Your listing will remain for approx. one month unless you indicate that the bird or object has been sold. List up to five birds at any given time. Please note pedigrees need to be supplied as a pdf and the file needs to read as this example: SA17 12345.pdf – other formats will not be uploaded. Send your information to 


I have for sale birds of various ages, I decided to reduce my
stock of Logan/Jurions all in good health.
Price $50 each negotiable.

For further information phone:  0414 669 744

Three race teams are for sale consisting of six birds per  team at $300 per team.

Birds will be a combination of the following crossed families:

  • Gaby Vandenabeele

  • D. Van Dyke

  • Leo. Hereman

  • Ludo Claeseen

0423 522 927

0882 635 670